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Joostenberg Small Batch Collection Lightweight Syrah


Aromas of pepper, cherries and plums. The palate is juicy and light with a savoury finish.

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Product Description

The Small Batch Collection wines are made in miniscule quantities and allow us to explore various winemaking techniques, grape varietals and vineyards. Sometimes it’s about pushing the winemaking boundaries a bit and sometimes it’s all about figuring out the best way to capture the pure essence of a specific vineyard. The lessons we learn when making these wines are applied to our general vineyard and winery strategies.


In relatively warm climates, such as ours, it’s easy to make bold, full-bodied red wines, but there are times when a lighter, refreshing red wine makes the best drinking experience…..who doesn’t love to sip a good Pinot Noir every now and then?  This wine is all about these characteristics i.e. relatively low alcohol, soft tannins and a refreshing quality.


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