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Niu Methode Cap Classique 2020


A refreshing, bone-dry sparkling wine. Aromas and flavours of fresh green apples and baked apple crumble. Will become more layered and complex with a bit of ageing.

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The Myburgh family from Joostenberg Wine Estate in Paarl and famed Cava producers the Pujol-Busquets family, from Alta Alella Mirgin Winery near Barcelona, collaborated to make this wine. The two families share a passion for authenticity and excellence in wine. Both practice organic farming and believe that a healthy, diverse environment leads to improved wines.
The name, Niu, and the illustration on the label were inspired by Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica). These remarkable little creatures migrate between Spain and Southern Africa annually, return to the same nest each time and mate for life. In Catalonia they are considered sacred and the destruction of their nests, called “niu”, can result in a €200 000 fine!