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Jun 23 2015

Myburgh Bros. Kaalgat Steen

  • By cindy
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  • on 06, 23 2015

Starting in 2014 we regularly made small batches of “orange” wine from an old, organically certified, dry farmed Chenin Blanc vineyard. We have always been amazed by the resulting aromas, flavors and overall expression.
In the Autumn of 2021 we decided to take things a step further and started farming the vineyard in a more natural way . The long term aim is to end up with a small, “slightly wild” vineyard that is resilient to disease and pests and becomes part of the natural environment. We stopped soil tillage, minimized pruning and cut back on fungicide sprays (we only sprayed a small amount of Sulphur). We are allowing the natural vegetation to re-establish itself in the spaces between the vines. The hope is that the resulting grapes will produce a wine with a unique and very authentic character. This is the 1st bottling of this experimental vineyard.

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